What’s your time worth?

Everyone has 168 hours a week to do whatever they choose to do. I stumbled on this concept months ago by doing the simple math of 24 hours multiplied by 7 days and poof – 168 hours of happiness.

If you tallied up what you do in a week, what would you spend the most time on? Sleeping, working, or time with friends and family?

Now that we know how much time we have in a week, how do you value your time?

As a consultant to CEO’s, I have struggled to price my time but never to value it. My CEO’s say not only have I helped them grow their businesses, solve problems faster than normal, but in the end they get better sleep at night because they aren’t as worried about their business as they used to be. I find tremendous value in these comments.

To date, I still price my engagements based upon what my CEO’s feel my service is worth. If they have no context for the service then I will take a base rate and earn my way up. This approach increases the chances of CEO happiness and helps me sleep at night.

If you are a parent, consultant or even a volunteer, look at every hour you spend and think about the value of the hour instead of the cost of it. And price accordingly! :)