Open Problems



In 1927, 17 of the 29 attendees who attended the Solvay Conference were or became Nobel Prize winners, including Marie Curie, who alone among them, had won Nobel Prizes in two separate scientific disciplines.

What would it look like if there were conferences devoted to outstanding preeminent open problems in today’s world?

Or does it already exist and I don’t know about it?

No matter….. think about your open problems.

List them out, find your tribe and start talking about your problems. You can find one person or have a tribe of 29 people (and they don’t have to be physicists).

The key is to start talking and people who care WILL listen.


Am I being silly or is my idea just crazy?

John Laughing

There is a fine line between silly and crazy. Or is there?

Is silly a close cousin of crazy?

In life we find moments where we act silly while others think we are crazy.

Why do we care what other people think? Is it the ego needing affirmation that we aren’t crazy?

A wise stranger once told me “If people think you are crazy then you are on to something!”

I will add to his thoughts by saying “And if you feel silly then you are definitely on the right track!”

Go out into the world and be BOTH silly AND crazy because the world needs to smile and laugh in order to love.

Tucked In….

Why do we tuck in children before they go to bed?

Is it so that they feel love and attention?

Is it so that they feel a perfect end to the day?

Or is it so that we feel like our job is done for the day?

No matter what it is, I know this; I love to be tucked in.

Let’s Belly Flop….

  1. a dive into water, landing flat on one’s front.
  2. a commercial failure.
    “the film’s bellyflop at the box office is unsurprising”

In the 2016 Olympics,  Ilya Zakharov was the defending Olympic champion in the 3m springboard and out of nowhere he bellyflopped.  Let’s think about this for a second, he did everything that he needed to in order to make it to the Olympics. Is that a flop?

Does the one dive described as a bellyflop define him for who he is? NO!

What if we celebrated flops? bellyflops?

It’s time to celebrate the courage, effort, and faith that it takes to leap!

Now go out there and bellyflop this week….



My vote didn’t count?????

Image result for lemonade glass photo

What happens when the change that you voted for didn’t happen?

It’s time to make lemonade!

What changes will you make for your life with this unexpected change?

Going forward, here’s the lemonade that I am drinking.

  • Learning a new language, so that it’s easier to live somewhere else (wink, wink)
  • Increasing my government policy IQ by educating myself, to start – subscribe to New York Times
  • Paying more attention to causes that matter to me
  • Focusing on policy changes that will benefit my causes

And most importantly, asking myself “What good can come from this new change?”….

Raising my lemonade glass to the world…..